About Us

Arteasia, a southern peach from Augusta, Ga, started Seductive Behavior Lingerie and Apparel from/as a fun idea pitched by her husband. However, a combination of time and joy turned this small, fun idea into an opportunity to uplift and inspire.

Seductive Behavior was created with every woman in mind, but there was an
emphasis on the working mom. Arteasia observed how over time, women could
sometimes slowly lose their identity and sensuality between working 9 to 5 or taking care of the kids or the other additional task brought on by simply being a woman.

Embarking on this journey to provide ladies with excitement and comfort as seductive as they want to be in the bedroom, the Seductive Behavior Lingerie & Apparel was created.

Seductive Behavior strives to give you excellent customer service, affordable pricing, and fast shipping anywhere in the United States and Canada.